Start Line Massage Therapy is built on referrals and reviews. Here’s what a few of my clients have said: 

"I came to see Emily to help with tight shoulders that come from spending my days in front of a computer.  Emily's therapeutic techniques helped to ease the long built-up tensions, and she gives you tricks you can do on your own.  I learned that the chronic headaches I've had for years start from my tight shoulder and neck muscels, and with Emily's help I've been able to take control of this problem" - David

"My first visit to Emily was on the advice of my powerlifting coach due to intense calf cramping that was interfering with squatting at least once per week.  Emily was very kind and thorough in her assessment of my feet, calves, hips, and other irregularities in movement and posture.  Two days after this first session, I had increased flexibility and significantly reduced tightness in my lower legs.  Over the next two years, she eased muscles that were tight and neglected, provided insightful feedback about work I could do at home, and taught me much about how my body works.  This last bit is what is I most appreciate- she is knowledgeable, collaborative, and teaches you to listen to what your body is communicating.  In a results-driven culture, I am happy to say I haven't had a calf cramp since meeting Emily!  I highly recommend her work!" - Sarah

"I was Emily’s client at a powerlifting gym in Brooklyn, NY where she was on staff.  I've experienced a range of body work modalities including massage therapy, and I rate Emily at the top.  She is caring and trustworthy.  She asks the right questions and listens to the answers, respects the patient’s needs and boundaries, and pulls it all together with a deep knowledge of the body and superb technique.  She has a repertoire of body work skills and approaches that she applies as needed.  Because of her sensitivity and versatility, I never felt like I was receiving a “cookie-cutter” treatment.  Her deep tissue work is excellent.  After a session, I always felt rejuvenated, and that my issues had been addressed.  Emily's massage therapy enhanced my athletic training, supported my rehab, helped me address chronic problems, and improved my overall quality of life and health.  As a professional, she is impeccable.  I recommend her highly" - CPB

"I sought out a massage therapist because my recoveries were taking longer and I would occasionally suffer from muscle aches/pains. Some of these aches/pains were more severe than others. I tried a few different people but really found the best results with Emily. She has an incredible knowledge of the body and how each muscle interacts with the other.  I had specific issues for a while with my shoulders until I saw Emily on a regular basis. She is in a word remarkable. To date, I have not met a person more capable or knowledgable than her. She comes with my highest recommendation" - John

"As a power lifter, self care and massage is critical to my training. After three and a half years of lifting, I developed pain in my right hip, which was impeding my squatting practice, as well as major tension in my trapezius and neck that was causing limited mobility. I was unable to turn my head even 90 degrees without experiencing dull pain. Emily has helped me resolve both of those problems. She worked extensively with me on eradicating my hip pain through a series of stretches and mobilization drills. She addressed my chronic neck tension in every session as well. After every massage, I was able to turn my head without any issues, my shoulders and upper back felt loose and my posture immediately improved. Emily is unique in that she takes the time to sit with you, to listen, and to truly understand what is going on with your body before developing a plan of action to help you achieve your goals and get you back to 100%". - Michal