What to expect at your first massage


When you schedule your first appointment you will receive a confirmation email, you will also be asked to complete an online Intake Form before your appointment. It’s easy to fill in and takes about 10 minutes. It asks for information about your current and past health history.

On the day, before you jump on the table we’ll review the information you provided on your Intake Form and discuss what your goals are for the massage treatment. I may also do some assessments, for example to look at range of motion or look at movement patterns.

If you booked a 60 minute massage you will still get 60 minutes on the table. I allow an extra 15 minutes to go through the intake and assessment process for first time clients.

Now you get to jump on the table! Before I leave the room, I’ll describe how I want you to position yourself on the table (face down, face up, on your side) and how to get under the sheets/blankets.

When I leave the room please undress to a level that you are comfortable with. This could be remaining totally dressed, taking everything off, or something in-between. Some clients bring a pair of shorts and for women a sports bra, especially if we are going to incorporate a lot of stretching into the session. Whatever you choose to wear (or not) you will always be properly draped and covered.

I’ll knock before I come back in, and I will give you plenty of time to change, there is no rush.


Nothing should feel painful during your massage!! Some techniques can feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if we are working on areas that are sensitive or injured. I call this “therapeutic discomfort”, you know that feeling when something feels uncomfortable but good at the same time.  However, you should be able to take deep breaths through it. If you are holding your breath, grimacing, feeling every other muscle in your body tightening up, it’s too much! We need to back off and try something different.

This is YOUR session. Please ask for something you need and speak up if something does not feel comfortable. If you are too hot, too cold, need an extra pillow or simply want to change the music….just ask.


At the end of the treatment I will leave the room again, and give you time to get dressed.  

When I come back in, if I asked you to perform some movements at the beginning of the session I may get you to do the same movements after the treatment.

If we addressed pain issues you may feel an immediate reduction in pain, or it may take a day or two before you feel that relief. Whatever your goal was for the treatment you should feel relaxed and mellow after a massage.

If appropriate I will suggest some self care stretches or self massage techniques and show you how to perform them.

If you are ever very sore following a massage (it’s rare, but it can happen) please contact me so we can discuss the best course of action and I can make a note on your file to adjust your next massage.

As a solo owner/practitioner I also do the checkout process! You’ll checkout in the room with me. I can accept cash, check and credit card payments and we can also schedule your next appointment.

I hope you enjoy your first massage!